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31 May 2019

MACH Partnership Welcomes National Ageing Research Institute:
Premier ageing research organisation will add lens to health challenges faced by senior Australians

The National Ageing Research Institute (NARI) is a new member of the Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH), the Centre announced today, joining the leading group of hospitals and medical research institutes that make up the joint venture, which includes the University of Melbourne.

NARI is the MACH’s first new partner since it received NHMRC accreditation in 2015. Its addition reflects the importance of ageing both within the MACH network and as a growing national priority.

“This is a very timely inclusion given the new MRFF strategy includes a mission on ageing and aged care and we have a royal commission into aged care. Translation of research evidence into ageing and aged care policy and practice has never been more urgent,” said NARI Director Associate Professor Briony Dow.

NARI is a national leader in ageing and aged care research and policy and will contribute over four decades of experience in the field. Their motto, “bringing research to life”, highlights the translational aspect of their mission to improve not just health but how Australians age. This is in line with MACH’s commitment to improving health outcomes for all Australians, but particularly among vulnerable groups.

“NARI is the only iMRI devoted to conducting applied research that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of older Australians and as such will be a valuable inclusion to the MACH membership,” noted Associate Professor Dow.

The MACH’s existing Ageing and Aged Care Subcommittee, which is made of some of Australia’s pre-eminent researchers, will greatly benefit from NARI’s contribution as partner. The group is expected to continue important work in frailty, dementia, care of diverse populations, and improving aged care—ensuring that older people are respected and included.

“NARI will boost existing MACH expertise in ageing and aged care. In particular, it will greatly aid MACH’s ability to undertake implementation and improvement science research, ultimately enhancing both care of the older patient as well as healthy ageing in the community,” said Prof Dave Story, Executive Director of the MACH.

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